The reported that it is has been claimed that “Phonewatch customers are at risk due to a feature that allows burglars to disable their systems before the alarm can be raised”

The article goes on to say that clever thieves are ripping the alarm systems off the walls when they enter the house. According to one caller on the RTE’s liveline, thieves have up to 30 seconds to rip the alarm system off the wall.

They are allegedly taking advantage of one of the features in older systems that do not include a fail-safe that prevents the phone signal from being disconnected.

At Cork Vaults, we recommend that no valuables are stored in the home regardless of alarm system you may have. CSO statistics are showing a rise in aggravated burglaries while the occupants are in the house and the alarm system is switched off.

In addition, security professionals have informed us that sophisticated burglars now carry GSM blockers that are used to cut the telephone signal no matter how advanced your home alarm system is.

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