Merrion Vaults invests £1m (€1.17m) in Newcastle facility

A £1m (€1.17m) investment by the Irish-based Merrion Vaults in Newcastle in the United Kingdom is set to create the city’s first safe deposit facility. The new facility, which is known […]

Home Security Survey Shows Interesting Facts

A recent survey by Liberty Insurance has shown some interesting facts about Irish homeowners and their security habits. The study carried out by Millward Brown on behalf of Liberty Insurance […]

Gold price rising…..The Perfect Storm?

As gold hits a 5 month high (at time of writing) Investment commentators worldwide are all agreeing on one thing: it appears that the ‘perfect storm’ is on the horizon […]

Which is Better…. A Home Safe or a Safe Deposit Box?

If you have valuables or irreplaceable items you need to keep safe and secure, what is the best option for you? Whether it’s cash, jewellery, gold bullion or just important […]

How to Buy and Store Gold Bullion in Ireland

How to buy and store Gold and Silver Bullion in Ireland, Scotland and mainland UK with Merrion Gold and Scottish Bullion Seamus Fahy is Head of Trading for Merrion Gold […]

Lost Title Deeds and what to do next…

Losing Title Deeds to a property can be a costly occurance. The obvious solution to this situation is to keep your house deeds and other important documents in a safe […]

Financial benefits to renting a safe deposit box

Although the security advantages to renting your own safe deposit box are plain to see, people often do not realise the many financial benefits to keeping your valuables in a […]

Winter Security Tips from Cork Vaults.

With the evenings getting darker earlier coming into winter, historically home burglaries and break-ins rise in numbers.There are some simple steps we can all take to deter the burglar and […]

Do I need a Safe Deposit Box

There are numerous reasons why a Safe Deposit Box makes good sense, but a lot of people are not sure whether they actually need one or not. The simple answer […]

Cork Vaults offers safe storage for students

Average students owns up to €2,500 of essential technology Be it laptops, memory cards, jewellery or passports, the personal effects that students lug around add up in value to a […]