Crime has continued to affect every aspect of life in many cities. Over The past decade, there are some cities that have had their crime rates double or even triple. This is worrying not only for those living in that city, but also because it paints a bad picture for the city. There is no single investor who would want to invest in a place where security is not guaranteed.


One thing that can be observed when it comes to crime rates in many cities is the fluctuation. There are times when the crime rates go up, and times when they go down. There are a number of cities and countries that have managed to maintain a minimum level when it comes to crime. There are a number of factors used in determining if the crime level of a city is increasing or decreasing.


The first is the number of reported cases, and the second is the number of suspects arrested. Different type of crimes also vary from time. This is because the type of measures put in place may help reduce one type, while not affecting the other. This is why you might find that the number of murders in a place has decreased, but the cases of domestic violence have increased over a certain period.


Dublin has had some worrying statistics in the past. It has been placed as the fourth city in Europe with the highest homicide levels, and Ireland was ranked as the 10th, which is actually a worse record for violent deaths compared to England and Wales.


There has been an increase of 30 percent in burglaries in Dublin over the past one year from 147 to 191. Assaults, bicycle thefts and public order offence have also increased over the past year. This has happened despite the ongoing Garda operation to combat burglaries in Dublin being in force. Operation Acer was set up in March 2012 to provide a more targeted and focused approach in arresting criminals who have committed any burglaries and related offences.


There was also an increase in Bicycle theft across the city. The cases rose from 114 to 168, representing a 47% increase. The biggest increase was the number of cases reported on public order offence. There was a 23 percent increase in assaults causing harm and 11 percent increase in minor assaults.


Dublin is one of the most densely populated cities in Ireland, making it no surprise that it has the highest crime rate. With 789 offences per 10,000 people compared to the national average of 532. It has the highest rate in theft, robberies, fraud offences, and drugs.


Dublin authorities have put in a lot of effort in trying to reduce the crime rate. There is still a lot to be done in order to bring down the numbers, and those in government continue to attempt a resolve.