Title Deeds are records that document the ownership of a property. In Ireland there are two separate systems, which record property transactions:


1) The registration of title system – Land Registry – that provides a State guaranteed title to a property.
2) The registration of deeds system – Registry of Deeds – this records the existence of deeds and all conveyances affecting a property.


Both of these systems are mutually exclusive. Any solicitor can tell you which of the systems is relevant to you and your land or property. The PRA (Property Registration Authority) is an independent statutory body set up under the Registration of Deeds and Title Act 2006 – it is the PRA who control and manage both systems.

House Deeds Storage


house-deeds-storageHouse Deeds should always be kept in a safe and secure environment, preferably out of your home. In times gone past, solicitors would generally hold their clients deeds, but due to rising insurance costs and the expense of replacing lost, stolen or damaged title deeds, the majority of solicitors no longer offer this service to clients. This is when having your own safe deposit box with Cork Vaults becomes invaluable, as you can keep all important documents (not just deeds) safe and secure in your safe deposit box.


It can take years of red tape and cost thousands of Euro to replace lost or stolen title deeds. The simple solution to this is to keep them safe, out of your home, in a safe deposit box in Cork Vaults. With boxes starting at €199 per year, and discount deals available for longer-term rentals, this is a small price to pay for peace of mind and the safety of your title deeds and other important documentation. In addition to keeping your deeds and documents safe, most will find that you have additional space available in your box for items of jewelry or cash which you will want to keep safe and secure out of your home.


With 7 day access and state of the art security, Cork Vaults is the ideal solution to securing your valuables and important documents.